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Calcined petroleum coke (cpc) is manufactured by heating green coke to approximately 1300-1400 c in a rotary kiln.This affects the removal of virtually all residual hydrocarbons and moisture.The final calcined product contains only a trace of volatile matter, and 0.3-6% sulfur, depending on the petroleum base used to make the coke.

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  • Calcined Petroleum Coke Breeze dry Tpubm

    Calcined petroleum coke breeze (dry) breeze shall conform to the following requirements: 2.Electrical resistivity.Resistivity shall not exceed 1 milliohm-meter (0.1 ohm-cm) great lake.Carbon c 12 a test method.General backfill specifications.

  • Coke Foundry Coke metallurgical Cokecalcined Petroleum Coke

    Calcined coke breeze read more; calcined petroleum coke read more; foundry coke read more; metallurgical coke read more; situated in yangluo industrial park, wuhan, jh carbon was established in 2014, with a branch in hong kong to facilitate international trade.The founder of jh carbon is an engineer, who has been engaged in the production of.

  • Calcined Coke Breeze Menclub Lieropsomeren

    Coke breeze - petuniaco.A general-purpose coke breeze is for use in shallow horizontal and vertical ground-beds for deep well applications, a special calcined petroleum coke breeze is used generally carbonaceous backfill material usually is one of the following types:.

  • About Us Seaguard International Corrosion Protection

    Calcined coke breeze backfill mmo titanium anodes electrical and measuring components for impressed current cathodic protection (iccp) systems including transformer rectifiers, and .

  • Industrial Materials Calcoke

    Calcined petroleum coke is a critical ingredient in the production of aluminum.It is created by placing high quality raw "green" petroleum coke into rotary kilns, where it is heated to temperatures between 1200 to 1350 degrees c (2192 to 2460 f).

  • Coke Breeze In Industrial Area

    Incepted in the year 2012, we electrominerals india are leading firm that is engaged in manufacturing, exporting and importing the finest quality calcined petroleum coke, calcined petroleum coke fine and much more.Situated at katni (madhya pradesh, india), we have well-equipped laboratory, quality control systems and procedures that assist us in the processing of the finest quality coke.

  • Coke Breeze Price 2020 Coke Breeze Price Manufacturers

    Dry coke powder, coke breeze, coke fines, injection coke with low moisture 2-5% size 0-3mm, 4-8mm, 8-15mm 10-25mm fob price: us $ 100-120 / ton min.Order: 100 tons.

  • Safety Data Sheet sds Dofasco

    Metallurgical coke section 1 identification 1(a) product identifier used on label: metallurgical coke 1(b) other means of identification: coke, buckwheat coke, nut coke, pea coke, blast furnace coke, dry coke fines, coke breeze, 9941 1(c) recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use: carbon/fuel source for metal production.

  • L O R E S C O Sc 3 Super Conducting Earth Contact Backfill

    Base materials are calcined under iso 9002 quality control surfactants are added to assist pumping and settling no de-dusting oils are used during the manufacture of base particles shipping data: loresco sc-3 ® is shipped in fifty (50) pound (22.7 kg) coated, woven.

  • M A T E R I A L S A F E T Y D A T A S H E E T 1roduct

    724120 - calcined coke date of issue: 30-may-2007 12.Ecological information petroleum coke is a solid material which is composed of carbon and other high molecular weight and water insoluble materials.Some metals are present but usually at very low concentrations.The concentrations of these metals can be quite variable depending upon.

  • Petroleum Coke An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

    A boateng, in rotary kilns (second edition), 2016.Petroleum coke is a by-product of the coker process in the oil industry.In its raw form, it is also called green coke or green petroleum coke.Calcined petroleum coke is an important industrial commodity that links the oil and the metallurgical industries as it provides a source of carbon for various metallurgical.

  • Corrosion Protection Coatings Cathodic Protection Coke

    Calcined petroleum coke like coke breeze are impressed current backfills.Vasu-loresco offer a full line of earth contact backfills and related products which are designed and produced exclusively for the corrosion industry.All loresco backfills begin with high-quality carbons that are calcined to exacting standards.These carbons are further.

  • Sc 3 Super Conducting Earth Contact coke Breeze Backfill

    Base materials calcined under iso 9002 quality control.Surfactants added to assist pumping and settling.No de-dusting oils used during the manufacture of base particles.Loresco sc-3 is shipped in 50 lb (22.7 kg) coated, woven polypropylene bags.Sc-3 may be stored outside for limited periods (not to exceed 400 hours of sunlight).

  • Metcoke Petcoke Calcined Cokebreezecokecarbon

    Incorporated a decade back, we, deepak enterprises is a registered ssi with functional base cutting across manufacturing and processing of fc,vm, ash, sulfur and electrical resistance for all the major industries and industrial application.

  • Corrosion Control Materials Coke Breeze

    Coke breeze section no: ms l-8 page no.: 2 of 6 issue date: 03/01/16 superseded date: 01/23/15 4.Materials and manufacturing 4.1 coke shall be manufactured from petroleum and shall be calcined at 1250ºc to remove all volatiles.2 coke shall be packaged in sizes, fine and three two sizes of course.

  • Improved Cp Anode Bed Performance Sae Inc.

    Cathodic protection (cp) anode beds are typically installed using carbonaceous backfill materials such as coal coke breeze, calcined petroleum coke breeze, or graphite particles.These carbonaceous backfills help reduce the contact resistance of the individual anodes in .

  • Colombian Metullurgy Coke Nut Pea Domestic Breeze

    This takes place in special coke ovens that offer temperatures ranging from 600 to 1200 degrees celsius.Coke is a fuel that has a higher calorific value than ordinary fossil coal.The basic types of coke are: metallurgical, foundry, nut, pea, coke breeze and petroleum coke.

  • Ensuring Efficient Handling Of Coal amp Coke Products

    Coke in a range of particle sizes; calcined coke and pet coke; coke breeze; clinker; these materials can range in size and characteristics from wet, heavy and abrasive rocks, to light, dry, and powdered, and of course, everything in between.

  • L O R E S C O Impressed Current Backfills

    All loresco backfills begin with high-quality carbons that are calcined to exacting standards.These carbons are further processed to enhance various properties depending upon the specific application or field conditions.Rs-3® loresco rs-3 ® is the.

  • Material Safety Data Sheet Graphite Sales Inc.

    Apr 04, 2011· concentrations of calcined petroleum coke may reduce visibility, cause unpleasant deposits in the eye, ears, and nasal passages, or irritate the skin or mucous membranes by mechanical means.However, normal ce exposure has not been determined to cause a significant health effect.Calcined petroleum coke, as.

  • Petroleum Coke Volume To Weight Conversion

    About petroleum coke; 1 cubic meter of petroleum coke weighs 2 230 kilograms [kg] 1 cubic foot of petroleum coke weighs 139.21435 pounds [lbs] petroleum coke weighs 2.23 gram per cubic centimeter or 2 230 kilogram per cubic meter, i.Density of petroleum coke is equal to 2 230 kg/m³; at 20°c (68°f or 293.15k) at standard atmospheric pressure.

  • Alcoke Aegionm

    Attractive price.It is made from petroleum coke breeze, which is calcined to remove hydrocarbons and moisture.The backfill possesses a high fixed carbon content and an uncompacted resistivity of 4.To ensure excellent anode contact, the backfill is composed of .

  • Coke Breeze Backfill Tecnosealindustrym

    Coke breeze is a carbonaceous backfill widely used to enhance the performances of impressed current groundbeds.Petroleum coke undergoes a thermal treatment process called calcination where it is heated at high temperatures in special ovens where most of the volatiles and the residual hydrocarbons are eliminated leaving a high-purity granular carbon.

  • Corrocont Anode Backfill

    A general purpose coke breeze is for use in shallow horizontal and vertical ground beds.For deep well applications a special calcined petroleum coke breeze is available.Corrocont backfill coke mixes easily with water and provide homogenous environment for impressed current anodes deep or shallow and can substantially lower ground resistance.

  • Coke Intergazneft

    Calcined petroleum coke.The green petroleum coke is a byproduct of oil refining process.Green petroleum coke is to be calcined after extraction.Calcining is done in a rotary kiln to temperatures of 1600oc.Coke breeze or met coke fines have the bulk application in cement manufacturing, sintering process & in zinc manufacturing.

  • Corrosionpedia What Is A Coal Coke Breeze Definition

    Feb 27, 2019· coal coke breeze is a common backfill material used in cathodic protection.It is a type 1 carbonaceous backfill material.Coal coke breeze backfill has low resistivity and low ash content, and may be treated by the addition of 10% (by weight) commercial grade slaked lime.

  • Cokes And Material Solutions Asbury Carbons

    A particularly attractive feedstock, petroleum coke (petcoke) is the solid carbon byproduct of the oil refining process.Asbury is a world-wide reliable source for both green and calcined petroleum coke (cpc) products.These high-quality, non-graphitic carbons can be found in applications ranging from foundry products and wear moderators for ptfe compounds, to reducing agents and drilling.

  • Safety Data Sheet sds Section 1 Identification Section

    12/16/2015 coke products, essar steel algoma inc.Page 1 of 6 safety data sheet (sds) section 1: identification 1 (a) product identifier: coke products 1 (b) other means of identification: metallurgical coke, nut coke, coke breeze 1 (c) recommended use and restrictions on use: use as a fuel for furnaces.1 (d) anufacturers ame & address.

  • Calcined Coke Breeze Carbon Coke Coal And Graphite

    Calcined petroleum coke breeze is a kind of widely used carbonaceous backfill for enhancing the performance of the impressed current foundation.The calcined petroleum coke breeze backfill around the anode makes the anode current be exhausted from the greatly increased surface, thus to reduce the anode resistance and consumption, thereby achieving cathodic protection, and greatly .